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Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
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Valentine's Day boy with kitty

Children enjoy giving as well as receiving Valentines from their friends on Valentine's Day, but sometimes those pretty little cards can get costly!

To help ease that cost, here are some cute valentines that your child can cut, colour and then paste onto construction paper to give out to classmates, friends and teachers.

Just click on a thumbnail and print out the valentine that opens in a new window.

Teddy Bear running with a heart Teddy Bear sitting holding a Valentine heart Cute Teddy Bear sitting holding a sign
Cute little bear would be Beary happy if you were his Valentine! A little kitten plays with his tail on Valentine's Day A raccoon pops out from an old tree trunk to see his Valentine
A playful squirrel wants to share his nuts with you on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day kitty and heart

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