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Topsy Turvy
2005 Sonia C. Jensen

The sun was beginning to rise over Green Wood as Fairy Rose went about her work. It was her job each morning to paint all the flowers with their lovely colours before the forest creatures woke up. Then she would spray each flower with their delightful scent so that they would be ready to greet the day. It was a long and hard job, but one that the little fairy loved.

This morning, Naughty Pixie was also fluttering around the woods. She had gotten up early and was in a playful mood. The little pixie's eyes sparkled with mischief as she stood on top of a big tree watching Fairy Rose. A grin spread across her face as she quietly flew down from her hiding spot.

Fairy Rose had just finished scenting the tiny daisies and had started to paint the lilac bushes. She was concentrating very hard, making sure that she got each tiny petal just perfect. The little fairy did not notice the impish face peeking out from the bushes.

"GOBBELDY GOBBELDY GOOK," Naughty Pixie yelled as she flew out in front of the wee fairy.

"Eeeek," screamed a startled Fairy Rose, throwing her paints and bottles of scents high into the air.

Pixie fluttered around in the air, giggling and laughing as if there was no end to it.

"Naughty Pixie! How could you? Look at what you have done!" yelled Fairy Rose to the little pixie.

Naughty Pixie stopped laughing and looked around her. What she saw made her laugh even more! There was paint everywhere! It was on the grass, on the trees and on the flowers. Everywhere except where it should have been. And the perfumes! Every plant was a mixture of scents. Nothing smelled like it should have. All those perfumes mixed together were horrible! Even the little flowers wrinkled their faces in disgust!

But things got even worse. All the little forest creatures had started to come out of their homes looking for breakfast. There were the butterflies, bumblebees and little hummingbirds that came to the flowers every day for their food.

"Eeeew! That's horrid," cried a little bee as he spat out a mouthful of sour nectar.

Fairy Rose sat down and cried. How was she going to fix this mess? It would take all day and most of the night to clean it all up. It was all Naughty Pixie's fault!

"Don't worry," said a pretty hummingbird. "I'm going to go and get someone that can fix all this." Off she flew in the direction of Fairy Hill Castle.

"Oh oh," thought Naughty Pixie. "She's going to get King Melwas!" The little pixie quickly flew off and hid in some bushes.

The little hummingbird returned very quickly with the Fairy King right behind her.

"Naughty Pixie," roared the king. "Come out here at once!"

"Yes Papa," said Naughty Pixie in a tiny voice.

The Fairy King was very angry! "What is the meaning of this, Miss Pixie," he asked her sternly. The king was so angry that his wings kept fading in and out!

"I'm sorry, Papa." Naughty Pixie hung her head in shame. "I scared Fairy Rose, and suddenly everything went Topsy Turvy!"

The Fairy King turned his head so that the little pixie could not see his small smile. He knew his daughter's pranks all too well. What would start out as a small joke always turned into a big disaster. This was one of those times. "Well, Pixie," he said, turning back toward her. "This mess must be cleaned up, and it's up to you to do it!"

Naughty Pixie looked around her and sighed. This was a job that would take her almost two days to clean up. But first, there was something else she knew she had to do. She turned to Fairy Rose. "I'm very sorry that I scared you. It was very wrong of me to do that, and it will not happen again." Pixie started to cry. She knew that she had made her friend feel bad, and that hurt her own heart very much.

"Pixie, I wasn't finished painting yet. I'll help you to clean up and we can get all the flowers painted much faster if we both do it," said Fairy Rose.

"Really?" Naughty Pixie smiled. "You'd help me?"

"Of course I will. We are friends after all," replied the little fairy.

Pixie gave her pal a big hug. "I promise never ever to scare you again."

Suddenly the sun popped behind a big black cloud and the sky got very dark. Great big drops of rain fell from the sky, washing away the paint and perfume that was spread all over the area.

"It looks like you won't have such a mess to clean up after all," chuckled the Fairy King from under a big mushroom where the three fairies had rushed to keep dry.

"Mother Nature is smiling on me today," grinned the little pixie.

The rain stopped after a short while, leaving behind a nice clean forest. Naughty Pixie gathered up Fairy Rose's paintbrushes and perfumes, and together the two friends finished up the job that the little fairy had started earlier.

When the job was done, Pixie and Fairy Rose giggled and played among the lovely flowers, very happy that everything turned out so well.

The next morning, Naughty Pixie was up early again, but not to play pranks on others. No, she was up to help her friend paint and scent the flowers. That way they would have more time to play! That's what friends do, you see. They help each other out.

The End

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