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The Haunting of Rock Candy Castle
2005 Sonia C. Jensen

It was a perfect Halloween night in Green Wood. The trees were blowing gently in the cool breeze, and the pretty autumn leaves that had fallen on the ground rustled as all the young forest friends ran door to door collecting yummy treats. Ricky Raccoon, Suzy Skunk and Teddy Bear were giggling and laughing as they called out "Trick or Treat!"

Up in the dark sky, even the moon was taking part in the Hallowe'en festivities. She cast an eerie glow upon the land, as bats flew past on their way to some unkown adventure.

After they had finished collecting their treats, the three forest friends started up the path toward Rock Candy Castle. Every year, Morteza, the winged unicorn, and Princess Wanda held a wonderful Halloween party. Each year's party was always better than the year before. Last year, Mr. Troll came, and he told scary stories. Maybe he would be there again? The three friends were very excited as they hurried up the path.

As they arrived at the castle's main door, it mysteriously opened with a loud creak!

"Oooh, I'm scared," whispered Suzy as she huddled next to Teddy.

Teddy looked at the door, a little scared himself. It looked very dark inside, and there were eyes peeking out at them through the darkness.

"Come on," Teddy told his friends who were hiding behind him. "Wanda and Morteza won't let anything happen to us. Let's go in!" Teddy's voice was a little shaky. He was scared, but he couldn't let the others know that!

Standing really close together, the three friends tip-toed into the dark castle. The grand hallway was dark and silent. It was so quiet that the only sound that could be heard was the breathing of the little animals.

All of a sudden, Ricky let out a sharp scream! "Something touched my leg," he cried out in fear.

"It was probably just a breeze from the door," scoffed Teddy.

"B...but the door is closed." stammered Suzy.

Before anyone could ask who had closed the door, another one at the far end of the hallway swung open. An eerie light shone out toward them.

"Let's go see where that leads to," whispered brave little Teddy.

The little forest friends went slowly up the hallway, toward the light at the end.

Then Teddy let out a yelp! There, dancing right in front of them, was a spooky skeleton! The little creatures froze in their tracks!

"Make it go away!" Suzy cried out as she quickly hid behind Teddy.

No sooner had she said that, the skeleton disappeared.

"Phew! That was close," sighed Ricky. "Lets keep going."

"I think the castle is haunted," whispered Teddy. "We haven't seen Morteza or Wanda, or anyone else since we came here. I wonder where they all are?"

Then Ricky shrieked! "Something touched my shoulder!" They all turned around, and there was another skeleton!

"Run," yelled Teddy as he headed up the hallway as fast as his little legs could take him. Suzy and Ricky were right behind him. They reached the open door and peered inside.

"Come in children!" A loud voice from inside the room. "We've been waiting for you!" The three little friends stared into the room where the voice was coming from. There stood a huge pumpkin man bowing before them!

"Mr. Bear!" Suzy yelled in relief as she ran up to their costumed friend. She gave him a big hug. "Are we happy to see you!"

The little forest creatures started talking all at once.

"We were so scared!" said Suzy.

"A skeleton touched my shoulder!" cried Ricky.

"Dad, we think the castle is haunted!" whispered Teddy to Mr. Bear, his father.

"Woah," said a friendly voice behind them. "What's this about Rock Candy Castle being haunted?"

Everyone turned around and there stood Morteza. He had just come into the room and was wearing a wonderful wizard's cloak and hat.

"Come and and tell us all about this haunting," said Morteza as he lead the children into the room. They did not see the little wink that he gave to Mr. Bear.

As the little friends came into the room, they could see it was filled with everyone from Green Wood. They all seemed to be having such a lovely time.

"Don't they know the castle is haunted," thought Teddy to himself.

Morteza led them through the room to where an ugly witch was reading to a group of gaily costumed villagers. "Wanda," said Morteza to the witch. "These little ones seem to think that the castle may be haunted."

"What?" Wanda laughed. "That is silly. Whatever gave you that idea?" she asked Teddy.

"Well, we saw dancing skeletons in the hallway," replied Teddy.

"Oh, that," laughed Wanda. "Those are plastic! We have them attached to string and when people come up the hallway, we pull the strings to make them dance." She took them over to the doorway where Mr. Bear was pulling on the strings.

"Okay," said Suzy. "That explains the skeletons. But what about the front door? We saw the eyes peeking out, and who shut it when we came in?"

"Hah hah hah," laughed some little squeaky voices from up by the ceiling. "That was us!"

Teddy, Suzy and Ricky looked up. There was the Bat family flying around, laughing at them. "We were watching for you so we could get everything ready to scare you," laughed Benny Bat. "Did it work?"

"Yes it did!" The three little friends laughed along with Benny.

Ricky looked at Wanda and Morteza. There was something bothering him. "Okay, you have explained the door and the skeletons. Now can you please tell me what touched my foot?"

"Your foot?" Morteza was a bit puzzled. "We didn't have anything set up to touch any feet, did we Mr. Bear?"

Mr. Bear shook his head. "No. We only had the skeletons and the Bat family to scare people."

"Now that is a mystery," said Wanda.

Suddenly a great howling came from behind the door. Everyone took a look to see what it was. There was a big pumpkin shaking and moving about!

"What on earth is that," asked Morteza.

"I told you the castle is haunted!" Poor little Teddy ran and hid behind a large couch.

Ricky and Suzy ran over and crouched behind the couch with Teddy.

"Something did touch my feet," whispered Ricky. "And whatever it was, it's making that pumpkin move!"

"I..I'm scared," cried Suzy.

Then the strangest thing happened. Morteza started to laugh. Wanda started to laugh, and soon everyone was laughing at the pumpkin.

"Come out and meet your ghost, children," chuckled Morteza.

The three little friends crept over and stood beside Morteza and Wanda. Their fears soon turned to laughter when they saw what was inside the pumpkin.

"Catty Cat," Ricky laughed. "Whatever are you doing in there?"

Yes, the ghost of Rock Candy Castle was Catty Cat. It seems that she had come in when the three friends did, but it was so dark that no-one saw her. That was who had brushed up against Ricky. When the skeletons started to dance, she became so scared that she ran up the hallway and hid in the pumpkin. Then she had problems getting out!

Wanda scooped Catty out of the pumpkin and took her to the kitchen to have a nice bowl of milk.

"Well, this has certainly been an interesting Halloween," said Suzy.

"It sure has," replied Ricky. "I wonder what next year will be like?"

"Well at least we know the castle isn't haunted," laughed Teddy. "Now, lets go join the party and have some real fun!"

And so the three little friends went off and played the games and had great fun, and Catty Cat ran around like the little kitten that she was.

The End

All graphics, content and web design were created and copyright 2000-2012 by Sonia C. Jensen.

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