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The Easter Egg Hunt
2005 Sonia C. Jensen

It was a lovely Easter morning in Green Wood. All the forest creatures were very excited, because today Mrs. Bunny was having a big Easter Egg Hunt. Her Easter Egg Hunts were always lots of fun, and everyone came from far and near to take part.

Every year, Mrs. Bunny hid a special golden egg. Whoever found that egg would win a special prize. Today's Easter prize was a delicious Easter cake that Mrs. Bunny had made.

All over Green Wood, Mrs. Bunny had hidden special papier mache eggs. Inside each egg was a tasty treat; a yummy, hard-boiled painted egg. In one papier mache egg, there was a painted egg and the special golden egg.

At the sound of the starting whistle, all the little animals started looking for the hidden eggs.

Bobby Bunny headed off to the woods. He thought for sure that his mother would have hidden the golden egg behind one of the big maple trees.

He found a big yellow and green papier mache egg snuggled inside a small berry bush. Quickly, Bobby opened the papier mache egg and found a lovely painted egg. He put it into his basket, and continued his search.

Suzy Skunk was also in the forest looking for the golden egg. She looked under rocks and even took a peek inside the Bear's cave. No luck, but something smelled good in there. Mrs. Bear was making a lovely blueberry pie.

"I must come back later and see if I can have a piece," she thought to herself with a smile. She was so busy thinking about that pie that she didn't notice the old log lying across the path.

"Ow!" She let out a loud yell as she stubbed her toe. Suzy sat down to rub her sore foot, and noticed a lovely pink and blue papier mache egg inside the log.

Suzy soon forgot about her toe as she opened the egg up. Inside was a beautiful painted egg. Suzy was happy with the egg because the smell of that pie had made her quite hungry. She quickly gobbled the egg up and then went on her way to continue the search for the golden egg.

Calvin Caterpillar was also looking for the special Easter egg. He was in the meadow and had climbed on top of a big mushroom so that he could look around better.

He was just about to get down from the mushroom when he saw something in the grass nearby. Can you guess what it was? Yes! A big green papier mache egg! No wonder he had trouble finding it. It blended into the grass very well. He opened the egg as fast as he could and inside he found a wonderful painted egg!

Calvin was very happy to get the painted egg. It had such a beautiful design on it. Mrs. Bunny must have worked very hard to make it so nice. Calvin went back and sat under the big mushroom to enjoy his treat.

Down at the farm, Charlie the chick had decided that perhaps the special golden egg would be hidden in the henhouse mixed in with the real eggs.

Charlie scurried through the hen's nesting area's, looking for the Easter treat that he was so sure would be hidden there. He looked all over the henhouse and found nothing. He was so sad.

Charlie walked slowly over to his mother's nest to sit and have a rest, when he noticed something in the broken shell where he had been hatched. It was a pink and yellow papier mache egg! The little chick was suddenly very happy! He started to chirp gaily as he opened the egg. When he saw what was inside he grabbed it and ran up to his mother.

Mrs. Hen was very happy to see what her son had brought to her. She had been wondering what to use for a decoration on the table that evening. It was Easter after all, and she wanted everything to look nice and cheerful. Charlie handed her what had been inside the papier mache egg. It was a beautiful painted egg.

"That will look nice on the table Mother," Charlie said as he went outside to look for more Easter Eggs. He looked over toward the big pond that was at the edge of the farm and saw Fiona the little fawn. She was taking a long cool drink from the fresh water.

Fiona was just about to leave the pond when she noticed something floating on a lilypad. It was a pretty blue and green papier mache egg.

Fiona swam out to the lilypad, grabbed the egg and brought it to the shore. She had just started to open it when she heard a voice say "I was just going to go out and get that egg."

Fiona looked around and there sat Freddy Frog on a big rock in the water. He looked a little upset.

"Well I got it first," laughed Fiona.

"I know," sighed little Freddy. "I am just so tired. I have been looking for hours, jumping all over Green Wood searching for an egg."

Fiona looked down at Freddy. He seemed as though he was ready to cry. "I have an idea," Fiona said softly. "Since we both saw the egg, we shall share whatever is inside."

Freddy jumped up and down happily as she opened the egg. Inside was a lovely painted egg.

But wait! There was something else rattling around in that papier mache egg. Could it be?

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Fiona cried out happily. "We did it! We won the golden egg!"

Sure enough, there it was. A chocolate Easter egg wrapped in lovely gold foil.

"Come on," called Freddy. "Lets go get that cake!" The little frog quickly hopped down the trail with Fiona right behind him.

"We found it! We found it," the two friends called out to everyone they saw.

Back at Mrs. Bunny's house, all the animals had gathered to watch as Fiona and Freddy were presented with the beautiful cake.

Fiona looked out at all her friends who had gathered outside Mrs. Bunny's house. Then she bent over and whispered in Freddy's ear. Freddy looked up at her, smiled and nodded his head up and down.

"Mrs. Bunny," Fiona asked. "Do you have some extra plates? Freddy and I would like to share this beautiful cake with you and all of our friends from Green Wood."

"What a wonderful idea," said Mrs. Bunny.

"That's what friends do," said Freddy. "They share!"

"Happy Easter everyone!" called out Fiona and Freddy together.

And it was a very happy Easter in Green Wood.

The End

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