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Wishing Well Children's Craft

This lovely wishing well (see photo at bottom) makes a wonderful Springtime table centerpiece or a Mother's Day gift idea for children to make with a little help from an adult.

Wishing Well Craft supplies

- Coloured craft sticks (or paint your own)
- Assortment of SMALL silk or dried flowers
- Small jar (I used a small jam jar of the type in Christmas gift baskets)
- Small piece of florist's oasis or foam to fit inside the jar
- Piece of construction paper
- 2 eleastic bands
- White craft glue
- Hot glue gun
- Sharp craft knife or woodcutters
- Scraps of foam or construction paper (optional)
- Craft paint and paintbrushes (optional)

Prepare the Craft Sticks.
To be done by an adult:
Cut the craft sticks in half using the craft knife or scissors. Make sure there are no sharp edges or slivers. Now the kids can take over.

The Roof
Line up six halves of the craft sticks and glue another craft stick over top to hold them in place. I used a plain craft stick so that you can see the placement better. Refer to photo ->. Make 2 of these.

preparing the roof for the wishing well
Making the roof of the wishing well
Roof of the wishing well

Take the two roof pieces and glue them together with the hot glue gun to form an upside-down V. Refer to photos.

Select 2 contrasting craft sick halves to glue on top of the roof where the joint meets and glue them in place. Refer to photos
Set the roof aside for now.

Decoration on the roof of the wishing well
roof of the wishing well Finished roof of the wishing well

The Well
- Cut the construction paper to fit around the jar and use the white craft glue to glue the paper onto the jar

construction paper onto jar
gluing the craft sticks onto the jar

Keeping the jar on the work surface, glue the craft sticks around the jar. Make sure that the rounded edges of the craft sticks are at the top, and the cut edge is along the bottom. Refer to photo below.
Push the craft sticks down so that they touch the table and are even around the bottom. If they are uneven along the top, that is fine as it will look very nice when it's finished.
You may have a small space where you cannot fit in another craft stick. Leave this space alone as it will be at the back of the wishing well.

The Roof Support
Take 2 craft stick halves and glue them across from each other to the inside of the wishing well, between the jar and the craft sticks already in place. You may hot glue these sticks. See photo for placement.

Take the two elastic bands and place them around the jar to hold the craft sticks in place until the glue dries. See photo for placement.

making the roof support
roof support placement

With the hot glue gun, glue a craft stick half on across the side supports of the roof. See photo on left for placement

Using the foam, construction paper or paints, decorate the front of the wishing well. Use your imagination to create something beautiful!

decorating the wishing well
putting in the oasis

Push the florist's oasis or foam into the jar so that it is nice and snug and even with the top of the jar.

Stick the flower stems into the oasis so that you have a pretty flower arrangement.

flowers in the wishing well
putting on the roof

Put a drop of glue from the hot glue gun on each end of the roof support.

Set the roof onto the glue as is shown in the photo.

putting on the roof
wishing well craft

When the glue is dry (usually about 24 hours) remove or cut off the elastic bands and you have a lovely wishing well to give as a gift or for a lovely Springtime decoration.

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