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Valentine's Day Crafts
For Kids

Valentine's Day boy with kitty

Valentine's Day LoveBug craft for kids

This is the wee LoveBug that we are going to make. This is an excellent craft to show your child how to braid.


A ball of thick yarn, colour suitable for Valentine's Day
A piece of cardboard 2" x 8"
2 googlie eyes (or make wee eyes out of construction paper)
1/2 of a pipe-cleaner or chenille stem
2 heart-shaped beads, or 2 wee hearts cut out of construction paper to go on the ends of the pipe-cleaner
1 "egg cup" cut out of an egg carton, or 1 small yogurt cup, medicine cup or something similar
Gray acrylic or water paint
White glue
a glue gun
Red or white construction paper, about 3" square
1/2 of a small paper doily, or one made from white paper
Safety Scissors (and an adult will need grown-up scissors)

Ready? Lets begin.

Making The Rock

1) Trim the "cup" from the egg carton so that it sits nicely upside down.
2) With your gray paint, paint the outside of the egg "cup"
3) set it aside to dry and wash out your paintbrush.

Making The Bug

1) Cut a piece of the yarn into 6 strands, each about 5" long. (You will be using these to tie sections)
2) Take the ball of yarn and wind it lengthwise around the cardboard 50 times.
3) Take one of the small pieces of yarn and slip it through the top of the yarn and tie it together.
4) Slip the yarn off the cardboard and cut the bottom of the yarn loops to open them up into a long bunch that is tied in the middle. (see example on the left below.)

5) Fold over the bunch from the middle (where it is tied) and form the head by tying a small section like the above example on the right. You will notice that the middle of the top of the head looks like it has a "part" in the hair.
6) Count 12 strands of the hanging yarn on both sides of the head and separate them from the body. These will become the arms. (See below)

7) Take the remaining hanging strands and divide them into 3 sections. Braid these sections tightly together about 3 times, or however long you want the body. Make sure to leave enough for the legs! Tie them tightly together with a piece of yarn.
8) Divide the arms into 3 sections, with 4 strands in each section. Braid tightly together, leaving long pieces of yarn at the ends for fingers. (See Below)

9) Divide the hanging strands on the body into 2 equal bunches and tie them for the legs. Make sure to leave enough for toes! (See below)

10) Take your 1/2 pipe-cleaner and push it through the top of the head from side to side to make the antennae.
11) Form the antennae into shape.
12) Dip the ends of the antennae into your white glue and push a bead onto each end. Clean up any glue that slips onto the bead. If you do not have beads, use construction paper hearts. (See below)

13) Decide what your front and back of the Lovebug will be. Take your 1/2 doily and cut it in 1/2 to make 2 wings. Glue them onto the back of your Lovebug.
14) Trim the fingers and toes so that they are even. Trim any loose yarn that is sticking out.(see below)

15) Glue your googlie eyes to the front of your Lovebug. (see below)

16) Get a grownup to put lots of glue from the glue gun onto the top of the rock and position your Lovebug so he is sitting nicely. (see below)

17) Make a Valentine from the construction paper.
18) Position your Lovebug so that he is holding the Valentine and there you have it! All finished! Isn't he cute?

Valentine's Day LoveBug craft for kids

Valentine's Day kitty and heart

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