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Valentine's Day is a celebration of love for all ages. Young children in school enjoy the surprise when colourful valentines appear on their desk on February 14. A high school girl's heart is sent racing when she spies a pretty envelope sticking out from her locker, while a gangly teenage boy watches from around the corner as his sweetheart opens the card.

Dozens of roses arrive at the homes of married couples of all ages and many women are the recipients of beautiful heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Love and romance, hearts and flowers. That's what Valentine's Day represents to so many people.

At Dreamland Magic, we enjoy Valentine's Day too. There are many activities here for you and your children to help you celebrate Valentine's Day. I hope that you will enjoy your visit to A Dreamland Magic Valentine's Day, and that you will bookmark this site so that you can come back and visit again.

Valentine's Day boy and kitty

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