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Spooky Halloween Songs and Creepy Music

Below you will find some spooky Halloween midi and wav music and creepy sound effects that you can download and play at your Halloween boogie party. Music pages that contain the lyrics to the songs are marked with a *

To save the files without stars *, right click and Save Target As... (star * pages can be downloaded on their own page)
Please do not direct link to these files. You just might end up with a nursery rhyme on your webpage instead of spooky Halloween music.

*Ghost Riders in the Sky
*Monster Mash
*This is Halloween
*The Hearse Song (also known as The Worm Song)
Tales From the Crypt
Addams Family
Haunted Mansion

Spooky Sounds Midi and Wav

Spooky 1
Spooky 2
Spooky 3
Spooky 4
Spooky 5
Bubbling Cauldron
Creaking Door
Creaking and Slamming Door
Ghostly Moan
Haunted House
Spooky Welcome
Werewolf Howl
Witch Laugh
Wolves Howling

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