Halloween Safety Rules for children when out for Trick or Treat

Halloween Safety Rules
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Halloween Safety Rules

It is very important for children to be safe while having fun during Trick or Treat time. Here are some important Halloween Safety Rules for your children to follow so that they will have a happy and safe Halloween.

  1. Children under the age of 12 should always go Trick or Treating with a grown-up.
  2. If you are over age 12, it is much safer to go with a group of friends with an adult supervisor, instead of by yourself.
  3. Always put strips of reflective tape on your costume so that cars can see you.
  4. Never go to a house or apartment that is dark.
  5. Never go inside a stranger's house, apartment or car.
  6. Wear make-up instead of a mask so that you can see properly.
  7. Never wear a costume that you can trip on. Make sure the costume does not cover your shoes so that you can walk easily.
  8. Do NOT zig zag across the road. Instead, walk up one side of the road and visit the houses there, then cross the road safely at a crosswalk and go down the other side of the street.
  9. If there are no sidewalks, always walk facing the traffic.
  10. Do not walk across lawns and yards or take "short-cuts", in case you trip in the dark. Use sidewalks and paths leading to homes.
  11. Always be home at a time agreed upon by your parents.
  12. Wear a watch so that you will be home on time.
  13. Pin your name, address and phone number inside your costume in case you get lost or scared.
  14. Carry a glow stick or flashlight with a new battery so that you can see better in the dark.
  15. Do not go into elevators or stairways in apartment buildings. Most apartment buildings set up "candy areas" in their hallway for "Trick or Treat".
  16. Only go to houses in the neighbourhood that your parents have said you can go to.
  17. Never carry a treat bag that is too big for you or one that drags on the ground. Carry a small bag instead, then when it is full, dump it into a bigger bag carried by an older person.
  18. Make sure that fake knives, swords, and guns are made from cardboard or other flexible materials to avoid accidental injury or worse, have them mistaken for the real thing!
  19. Do not go near any pets or animals that you do not know. They sometimes get scared of the costumes too!
  20. If someone is bothering you, run to the nearest Block Parent house and tell them what is happening. If there is no Block Parent, then go to the nearest well lit house that has lots of people there.
  21. Never ever eat any treats until your parents have checked them!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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