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Spring Mini Basket Children's Craft

You can make these Mini Baskets for any occasion. Choose flowers to suit any occasion or holiday such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more. Happy Mother's Day on the flag makes a lovely gift for Mom, or use them for wedding, anniversary or birthday favours that will be cherished for years. The ideas are endless!

mini baskets available at craft and dollar stores
small piece of florist oasis foam to put in bottom of basket, about 1" thick
spanish moss
assorted tiny silk or dried flowers
dried Baby's Breath or other delicate filler-type of flower
a sucker stick or straw to make the sign
length of pretty ribbon
piece of paper 6" wide x 2" high (for flag)
coloured pencils, markers, etc.
hot glue gun
white glue

This is what we will be making: (sorry the picture is fuzzy; My camera doesn't have a zoom)
Spring Mini Basket craft

1) Cut the oasis foam to fit into the bottom of the basket
2) Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the oasis foam and press into the basket
3) Put a bit of hot glue onto the top of the oasis foam and stick on the spanish moss.
4) Glue more spanish moss onto the sides of the oasis foam to hide it.
5) Arrange your flowers attractively into the oasis foam, and hold in place with a dab of glue on the bottom of flower stems.
6) Fold the paper in half legthwise so you end up with 3" x 2" piece.
7) With the markers or pencils, decorate both sides of your flag.
8) Cut the straw or sucker stick so it is about 1" to 1 1/2" above the basket handle when stuck in the foam.
9) Put some white glue on the inside fold of the flag and attach the sucker stick or straw inside the flag.
10) Glue the flag closed.
11) Tie the ribbon onto the "flag pole".
12) Put a dab of hot glue onto the bottom of the flag pole and stick it into the oasis foam where you would like it to be.

That's it! All done and you have made a lovely Spring Mini Basket! Have fun making them, and don't forget to post a picture of your finished craft in the Guest Book!

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