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Egg Cup Children's Craft

This pretty egg cup makes a lovely Easter gift for parents and grandparents. Have the children make one for each member of the family, then use them at the table to hold hard or soft boiled eggs during Easter breakfast.

Easter egg cup craft made from recycled egg carton

Easter egg cup craft supplies

- Cardboard or styrofoam egg carton
- Glue stick
- Egg - styrofoam or hard boiled
- Paints
- Paintbrushes
- Water container
- Scissors

Prepare the Egg Cup.
To be done by an adult:
Cut the egg cup shapes out of the egg carton. You will need 2 for each egg cup. Now the kids can take over.

cutting up the egg carton for Egg Cup craft
glue the egg sections together for Egg Cup craft

Glue the bottoms of the two egg cup sections together and let the glue dry. Refer to photo.

Choose a paint colour that you would like for the background of your egg cup. Paint the top inside and all of the outside of your egg cup. You don't need to paint the bottom inside, but you can if you wish.
Let your egg cup dry before painting the decorations on it.

Paint the background colour on your Egg Cup craft
Paint the decorations on your Egg Cup craft

Be as creative as you can and paint some decorations on your egg cup. You can paint flowers for Spring, bunnies for Easter, monsters for Halloween, whatever you like! This is YOUR creation!

The Egg
Decorate a real or styrofoam egg anyway that you like. I used a styrofoam egg because I made this craft for a children's craft class and did not want a real egg to get broken.

I also pushed a toothpick part-way into the bottom of the egg so that I could hold it without making a mess of the paint and also as a holder while the paint dried.

Paint the egg.
The finished Easter egg cup and decorated egg.

When all of the paint is dry, place your decorated egg into your egg cup and you now have created an awesome and original piece of art! Well done!

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