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Free Easter Hanging Decoration Craft Instructions for Children

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Free Easter Mobile craft instructions


  • Fun foam
  • Ribbons
  • Wooden dowel or tree branch, about 12-15" long
  • Sparkly trimmings if desired
  • Googlie eyes for bunny and chick
  • Cotton ball for bunny's tail if desired
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpie (fine point) and pencil
  • Glue stick or white school glue
  • Ornament Templates

Easter Hanging Ornament craft supplies

Step 1
- Print out the 2 ornament pattern templates.
- This size of pattern fits onto the small packs of fun foam found at dollar stores. - If you enlarge them to 120%, each pattern fits nicely on a sheet of paper, and results in a bigger shape to work on.

Pattern for baby chick and small egg
Pattern for bunny and big egg

Step 2
- Cut out the patterns and trace them onto the fun foam with your pencil.
- Cut out the foam shapes.
- Cut out as many little eggs as you wish if you want to use them also.
- Cut a small slit at the top of each foam shape to thread the ribbon through later on.

Easter foam cutouts

Step 3
The Egg
- Cut out shapes and designs out of scrap foam pieces and glue them onto the egg.
- Decorate the egg with sparklie "stick-on" gems, flowers, butterflies, etc.
The Bunny
- Glue the eyes onto the bunny, or make your own out of fun foam.
- Cut out and glue pieces of pink foam on the bunny's ears for the "inside" of each ear.
- Cut a small bunny nose and glue it in place.
- With the fine sharpie, draw in the bunny's mouth and line from the nose.
- Glue the cotton ball to the back of bunny for the tail.
The Chick
- Trace two of each foot and beak onto orange fun foam.
- Glue one orange foot to front of each foot on the chick and one to the back.
- Glue one beak on the front and one on the back of the chick's beak.
- Glue one googlie eye on the front of the chick and one on the back.

Easter foam decorating instructions

Step 4
- Tie pretty ribbons to the cutouts.
- Tie the ribbon ends to the wooden dowel, spacing them nicely apart.
- Cut a long ribbon for hanging - about 24" long - and tie each end to the ends of the dowel.

That's it! You know have a beautiful Easter decoration that you can use year after year! well Done!

Easter fun foam hanging decoration craft

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