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Christmas Stocking Craft for Children

Christmas Stocking Craft - Free craft instructions for childrenalt=

Here is a free Christmas Stocking craft and pattern that is simple and fun to make. This Christmas Stocking would be lovely to use for a gift for that someone special. You could tuck your mother's gift into a Christmas Stocking, put in some of Grandpa's favourite after shave, or even a wee toy for your little brother or sister and not have to worry about wrapping it!

Christmas Stocking Supply List

2 large pieces of red felt,(or any colour you prefer) 12" x 12"
scraps of felt in white, red, green, pink, yellow, and other colours you may like
2 googlie eyes
polyester fiberfill or strips of quilt batting
a piece of thin ribbon, about 8" long
a skein of green embroidery thread
a small pom-pom for Santa's hat
an embroidery needle
white school glue
a small paintbrush or cotton swabs
a hole puncher
a piece of thin cardboard, like posterboard, the size of a sheet of paper
a dark pencil or marker
straight pins

Let's Get Started!

1) Click on this picture and print out the pattern. Have a grownup help you with this. Sometimes printing stuff can be tricky. It looks small, but go to File - Print Preview and view at 100%. Then click on Print.
christmas stocking pattern thumbnail

2) Glue the pattern onto the cardboard and allow it to dry.

3) Cut out the pattern on the black line.

4) Put the two pieces of felt together, one on top of the other, right sides facing out and place your pattern on top of the felt.

5) Trace around the pattern carefully with your pencil or marker.

You may glue the stocking pieces together, leaving the top open, or sew them together. If gluing, skip to step 9.

6) Now, after you have traced the pattern onto the top felt, pin the felt together, just inside the lines.

7) Cut out the stocking along the tracing lines. Keep it pinned together.

8) Now, here is where an adult can help you. Mother can do this on her sewing machine, like I did, or you can do it by hand.
With your needle and embroidery thread, sew along the edges of the stocking, leaving a 1/4" edge. Do not sew the top. Look at this picture for a reference.

embroider stocking

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Now it's time to create your design.

9) Using the hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the stocking near the back, where you will put the ribbon to hang the stocking. Make sure to punch through both layers.

10) Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie it so that you have a loop to hang the stocking.

11) Glue strips of fiberfill or batting along the top of the stocking for the "fur" trim.

12) Using my stockings as a guide, cut out Santa's face from the felt. I used white for his face, pink for cheeks, red for mouth and nose and for his hat. Don't forget the pom-pom for his hat!

If you are doing the tree, I cut 3 small green felt triangles for the tree, and then cut out small felt circles in different colours for the "Christmas balls". I used brown felt for the trunk, yellow felt for the star and green felt for the tree stand. Use whatever colours you like. This is your creation!

13) Take your paintbrush, or cotton swabs, and paint a thin layer of glue in the spots where you would like your glitter to be.

14) Lightly sprinkle the glitter over the glue and allow it to dry.

15) Carefully shake off the stocking so that the extra glitter falls off. (Shake it over a piece of paper so that you can re-use the glitter later on).

And that's it! You have just made a lovely Christmas Stocking to hang up for yourself, or to give as a lovely gift! I hope you have enjoyed this craft.

If you make one of these stockings, I'd love to see it! Post your picture of your stocking craft in the Guest Book, or the URL where I can see it. ^_^

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