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From the scorching heat of Mexico comes the legend and custom of the Poinsettia.

Many years ago, in a small village, there lived a very poor family. In this family there lived a little girl named Maria and her little brother Pablo. Even though they were very poor, they looked forward to the Christmas season when the village was all decorated and there was a large nativity scene set up outside the village church.

On this Christmas Eve long ago, the two children were walking to the church to celebrate the Christmas Eve services when Maria noticed some weeds growing along the side of the road. The children decided to pick the pretty green weeds and take them to the Baby Jesus as their gift.

Jesus was very pleased with this lowly gift from the heart of the children and the green leaves on the top of the plant turned into bright red petals. When Maria and Pablo came out of the church after the service, their sad faces turned to huge smiles when they saw their beautiful gifts to the Christ Child.

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