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Christmas Customs and Traditions

Christmas customs and traditions find their way into our homes from various cultures, beliefs and countries around the world. In this section of A Dreamland Magic Christmas, you will read of customs such as holly, mistletoe and the Poinesttia plant as well as the beautiful Christmas tree. You will learn why we send out Christmas cards, who Santa Claus was,and why we hang a stocking over the fireplace on Christmas Eve. You will also learn the story of the Nativity (birth of Jesus) and of the shepherds and wise men who journeyed far to see the new King.

Holly - A Christmas Tradition with Pagan roots.
Mistletoe - A Christmas Tradition from Norway.
Poinsettia Plant - A Christmas Custom from Mexico.
Christmas Cards - A British Custom.
Santa Claus - The Legend from Lapland.
Christmas Stocking - Stocking and shoe customs from around the world
The Nativity - The birth of Jesus; a Christian belief.
The Nativiy Part 2 - The Shepherds and the Wise Men; a Christian belief.

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